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PACKS PROTECT Pocket - is the smallest of the packs protect range. Packs Protect “Pocket” (approx 4.5inch x 6inch). Perfect for taking on a night out and or to get you through the day at work. Keep your private items, private.


All the Packs Protect bags have a 3 digit lock which can be set to personal preference by the owner to keep the contents of the bag secure. Packs Protect bags are odour retaining, keeping smells from escaping whilst also preventing any unwanted odours from getting in.


We ensure that every “Packs Protect” bag is made up of a 5 layer material structure. It’s not cheap but it does ensure that every bag is of the highest quality, 


SKU: 001
  • All packs protect bags have sealed zips. This unique design feature helps to keep any odours that are in the bag, “in” the bag whilst also helping with the waterproof nature of the bags.

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