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Barcelona is a beautiful, incredible, busy, vibrant place, and I want- ed to show this in the STREET ART SKETCHBOOK. Graffiti and street art is everywhere. It’s hard to find a clean door sign, post or shutter anywhere in the city centre. I wanted to represent this throughout the book.


Having clean walls to sketch over is great, but I found it fitting to put a few walls and shutters that have already been painted. To get a real feeling of painting in Barcelona, you will have to go over them or around them! We have also added a few things to make this book more interesting. Night shots, trains, garbage trucks, vans, a bus, a boot, a sticker wall and even a brass lion!


We have had a massive amount of fun putting this Barcelona edi- tion of the book together, and we hope you enjoy it.


When creating the street art sketchbook series, we envisioned bringing a slice of the non-traditional art scene to the table. To show the beauty, versatility and potential of the places around us every day that we take for granted. We wanted to create a “way in” for anyone interested in graffiti or street art to experiment and makethese locations come alive with their own unique styles of creativity.

Street Art Sketchbook, Barcelona edition, takes you on a virtual tour of this beautiful city’s backstreets and forgotten corners. Cele- brating the ordinary, the abandoned and the yet to be discovered.


Journey through this book with page after page of ready to draw on templates, including trucks, walls, shutters and unique urban landscapes and spaces.

The user-friendly style of the street art sketchbook provides a unique experience for all skill levels, designed to bring out the art- ist in everyone! For those with more experience, it allows them to draft and play around with ideas in a new format.

Graffiti is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of art or self-expression.

This book is literally a series of blank canvases upon which to unleash your artistic potential, however raw or unrefined. A safe space to be unapologetically YOU.




This book is best used with paint, pens, pencils and anything else you can find to make a mark on the city.


Every page in the Street Art Sketchbook is 200gsm thick. What does that mean? Well, it means that its’ pretty much card. Why have we done this? To reduce the amount of paint and ink seep- age through the pages. The pages are also uncoated.

Uncoated paper can help the paint from your pens, and the ink from your markers feel more like they are part of the picture. The paper retains an earthy, natural texture. It also means that this sketchbook is recyclable. Which we think is cool.



This book in no way encourages or condones the defacing or vandalising of public or private property.