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Packs Protect Soft Shell Home Safe XL


The Packs Protect Soft Shell Home Safe XL is a new addition to the standard range, measuring at approximatelyL9”x W6.5”x D3.5” it give you the optimum amount of space for your bulkier items.


Sturdier in design and with more space to hold bigger items this bag can keep all your delicate items secure and organised. This bag is ideal for travelling but also as a versatile, portable “home safe”, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your personal items, medication or valuables are discreetly and securely stored away from children or anyone else.


Just like all the other Packs Protect bags, The Soft Shell Home Safe XL features a built in combination lock as one of the main features. The 3 digit combination locks can be re-set as and when required, as long as you know the last keyed in code.


A standard feature on every bag is the odour retaining carbon layer that keeps odours in, preventing your belongings from attracting any unwanted attention.


Packs Protect bags are all manufactured with a “5 layer” material structure.

LAYER 1 – Waterproof and light proof outer fabric.

LAYER 2 – Filterable, non-woven fabric.

LAYER 3 – Thick activated carbon layer.

LAYER 4 – Filterable, non-woven fabric.

LAYER 5 – Internal protective mesh lining.


We feel that Packs Protect is a bag that everyone could use in their life. All packs protect bags have sealed zips. This unique design feature helps to keep any odours that are in the bag, “in” the bag whilst also helping with the waterproof nature of the bags.


Soft Shell - Home Safe XL


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